The Churros Mexicanos Family...

Established in 2013, Churros Mexicanos is a family run business that takes great proud in serving only high-quality churros. Preserving the original recipe and using top ingredients our churros are a treat that you won’t be able to resist.

Come and visit us today in one of our locations and get yourself a treat that is guaranteed to transport you into a holiday of taste.

“Taste the holiday…anyday!”

Churros Mexicanos -
...and the hard working Churros Mexicanos team!

Since 2013

5 fun facts about churros!

  • Fact #1

    Churros reached South America around 1500!
  • Fact #2

    Churros are one of the most popular breakfast items in Spain!
  • Fact #3

    The name ‘churro’ comes from the churra sheep!
  • Fact #4

    Disneyland parks sell 2.8 million churros a year!
  • Fact #5

    Churros were supposedly invented by Spanish shepherds!